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Our Dedicated & Passionate Team


Meet Nikola

Founded by a life long motorcycle enthusiast, naturalist, and nomad, PEGASUS MOTORCYCLE TOURS & CONSULTING was created to fill the need for customized motorcycle tours for those riders looking to have the ultimate adventure. What PMTC offers is entirely personalized tours and/or trip consulting to help bikers make their wildest motorcycle odyssey a reality. The founder, Nikola Bulajic, spent years roaming the earth solo on a KLR650, VFR800, Vstrom1000, etc, docking tens of thousands of miles exploring foreign lands in search of the promise for the most beautiful roads in the world, that so conveniently always happened to be around the next bend, in the distant horizon. An addict for experiences and a lover of the open road, Nik brings his vast adventure touring and guiding experience, 5 language fluency, and a multi-cultural upbringing, to create a unique provider of guiding and consulting services that only first-hand cosmopolitan experience could allow for. His passion for motorcycle adventure touring and motojournalism began as The Pegasus Project, a solo world tour in partnership with The American Cancer Society, and the vast international touring experience is now able to benefit riders who wish to have a truly unique motorcycle touring adventure; those who desire more than what traditional motorcycle tours offer. He has a BA in Intl. Studies and Philosophy from the University of Michigan, an MA from the University of California San Diego in Latin American Studies, and has recently declined admission for graduate studies in Journalism at UC Berkeley in order to pursue his life dream of exploring and sharing the world most awe inspiring roads, on two wheels. You can view his motojournalism at


Meet Rudy

Teaming up with PMTC founder Nik Bulijac is fellow renaissance man Rutherford “Rudy” Thomas.   Rudy is a veteran video producer and works as a professional photographer when he’s not blasting about on his BMW GS Adv.  Born in semi-rural Michigan, Rudy discovered the thrill of motorcycling at age 5.  Clocking over 1k miles on a tiny Honda 50 that first summer.  By age 12, he had learned to rebuild the engine on his Yamaha 125 race bike and had bought his first camera.  He has almost forty years of riding experience, a racing background, is an award winning photographer and a Moth Grand Slam storyteller.  Your once in a lifetime adventure, will be extensively recorded with the latest audio/video capturing technology and NOT from a production crew aboard a van.  Rather, it will be produced in high definition by a guy riding next to you on the trail, who may be laughing so loud you can hear it over the sound of the exhaust.  This guy really loves to ride!   Even though it is our passion to ride, during the tours, his goal is to create engaging documentaries that are as authentic as they are original.  He does this for each adventure with an impressive amount of equipment he carries on his bike.  Combining his love of motorcycling and his passion for creating inspiring images, Rudy has found his true calling with Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting. You can view his photographic work at


Meet Peng

Peng Shi is an accomplished landscape and real estate photographer and a travel blogger based in California. He has 15 years of experience under his belt. He is a Shutterstock and iStock contributor, as well as a Google Trusted Photographer. His work had been featured on BBC Earth, Baidu Travel, Samsung China, Huawei, Qunar, Elong, and various Chinese Academy of Sciences publications. Born in Beijing, Peng first got into photography when he took a class in college to fufill his credit requirements. The first time he saw his photograph materialize in the development solution in the darkroom, he was hooked. After graduation, he worked as a web developer and consultant to pay the bills, but he never stopped exercising his love for the art of photography. In 2013, he quit has corporate job to focus solely on photography. He planned to travel around the world for a year; that one year has now turned into four and showing no sign of stopping.

Peng firmly believes that travel can help people bridge cultural differences. He wants to use his photos to inspire more people to travel, to care about conservation. Pegasus is proud to have him on board as the teams lead photographer. You can view Peng's work at and follow him on Insta at


Meet Jacqueline

The pillar of our temple, the very talented and capable, lovely and beautiful Jacqueline oversees the business and marketing side of things, as well as managing our online presence. Born and raised in Mexico, Jacqueline is a true cosmopolitan, having lived and worked in France, Canada, Brazil, England, Italy, then again in Sicily, and now in California. She has a BA in International Business and an MBA in Brand Management and thrives in conducting region specific research and maintaining the gears of the bureaucratic machine oiled and turning. Herself an accomplished entrepreneur, she does not hesitate to get on the bike and do some back-country touring when the opportunity arises. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, and has an advanced proficiency in French and is currently learning Serbian.


Meet Iva

Every Odyssey has a final destination, and Iva is the loyal and loving shop pit bull, and a member of the PMTC family which keeps us all eager to return home eventually, no matter how incredible the time spent on the road can be. At PEGASUS MOTORCYCLE TOURS & CONSULTING, safety is our primary goal, because ultimately, there is no place like home, and returning safe and sound full of marvelous stories from the road to share with wide-eyed loved ones and strangers is the true aim of our business!

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