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Eastern Sierra & Death Valley

                California's Eastern Sierra range is home to some of the best riding in North America.

The eastern side of the Sierra's is more abrupt and imposing, with the snow covered mountains rising up dramatically alongside the iconic 395 highway to truly heavenly heights - indeed, this is home to the highest peak in the lower 49 states - Mt. Whitney. Our tour of this magnificent land also visits the lowest point in North America, the sublime deserts of Death Valley, some of which sit nearly 300 feet below sea level. The topography is everchanging in this tour, from the magnificent canyons to the lush evergreen forests around the ski resort of Mammoth Lakes. The dramatic mountain riding provides incredible, gorgeous curvy passes, both paved and gravel which typically end at one of countless, stunning alpine lakes if not a mining ghost town.

See the best of this magnificent land in this private, guided tour led by Nik assisted by Peng in the support vehicle. Peng harbors a true, deep love for this land which is clearly visible through his incredible landscape photography - in fact, click on Google Streetview 360 degree photos in the Sierras - including it's most remote lakes and highest peaks - they're likely Peng's doing. I invite you to get inspired by his photography of the Eastern Sierra's at You can also follow his blog at


               Please feel free to reach out if you'd like us to create a no-obligation, complete turn-key ready personalized, private, guided tour of this truly inspiring land every rider ought to experience. This is a completely customized experience so whatever your needs or requests, we can make it happen!

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