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Q: How does it work?

A: Click on the "CONTACT US" link above and briefly tell us about your vision. We prefer the personal touch and we assume you do too, so the next step will be to discuss the details of your desired motorcycle adventure via phone. If you desire a guide, Nick will guide you; If you desire merely a second in the background as support, Nik and our support team will be that support. If you wish to have your odyssey photographically documented, our professional photo crew will be behind the lens. If you only require assistance with the planing and research and wish to ride solo, the PMTC crew will do that research. You imagine your dream motorcycle adventure, and we will help you make it happen. 

Q: Why choose Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting?

A: We specialize in personalized and uniquely customized tours for a solo rider or a small private groups. Our focus is on realizing each customer's unique idea for their ultimate motorcycle adventure, thus we differentiate ourselves from other tour providers in that you will not find generic inflexible tours where, when a minimum of riders has registered, you simply get in line and follow a lead, constantly waiting on each other and never actually having real freedom to break off and explore on your own. We understand and respect the fiercely independent nature of motorcyclists, and we cater to those riders who value the freedom of the open road and the possibility to realize their wildest motorcycle touring adventure without following someone's route. We understand that this cannot be achieved in a pre-planned group tour. We focus on only one tour at any one time - your tour, ensuring that it gets our full and undivided attention. With others, you participate in a group tour; with PMTC, however, you make your own odyssey.


Q: Why entrust my dream trip to Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting?

A: With close to 50 years of combined motorcycling experience including long-term international touring and professional photography expertise, the PMTC crew s uniquely prepared to serve your motorcycle touring needs. We invite you to click on "THE CREW" link above to meet the talented individuals that live and breathe what PMTC has been created for. You should entrust your dream trip to Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting because We Produce Odysseys!

Q: What is the limit to the amount of participants on a given tour?

A: Tours can be led with anywhere from a single participant to a group of six. We specialize in solo or small, private group tours, which differentiates us from other service providers, because we choose to devote all our focus on realizing your ideal motorcycle trip. We do not offer tours in which you are placed with strangers until  a minimum registration number is met - with PMTC you don't simply choose from a drop down menu of tours, fill out a lengthy form, make your payment, and then just show up at the shop the day of departure - the tour we help you create is your tour, and we are the facilitators that ensure the odyssey is a smooth one. 

Q: I don't see any tours on the website? Why not?

A: We specialized in personalized and uniquely customized tours - customers approach us with a unique idea that we help them realize. This also differentiates us from other tour operators. We create tours around each customers individual desires. 

Q: What is meant by the "consulting" part of the services offered? 

A: We understand that many riders prefer to ride solo and not follow a guide, much less tour in a group. We also understand that true motorcycle odysseys require meticulous planing and research which many bikers do not have the time for, or do not quite know how to do well. We offer precisely these service - let us help organize your itinerary and make sure you are as best prepared as possible for the miles that lay ahead. From purchasing the correct international insurance, to crossing boarders, to being aware of cultural sensitivities, to choosing the best roads and places to eat and sleep, PMTC strives to ensure your trip is as safe and fulfilling as can be. For a trip to become and odyssey, an exhausting amount of planing and research is required, and we offer our experience, expertise, and time to those riders who do not know where to begin, or simply do not have the time.

Q: What is meant by the "documenting" part of the services offered? 

A: Do you want to have your epic journey professional documented - that will require a man behind the lens, and thus we are the only ones in the industry to offer this kind of service, so that the rider can focus on simply enjoying the journey. Photographic and video documentation of your adventure is one of the best ways to preserve the memory of your odyssey for generations to come. Weather you want a beautiful photo album, or you personal documentary, PMTC can make it happen!


Q: Where is the information regarding the prices for services offered? 

A: Being that our services are personalized to suit the needs of each individual rider, every tour we work on will be different in nature, and thus we invite you to contact us with your idea, so that we can provide you with a quote for the services you desire. Being that we run only one tour at a time, rest assured that our efforts are devoted to only that one tour.

Q: Do you provide the motorcycles, or do I ride my own? 

A: We recognize that one of the main joys of riding is to be doing so on one's own machine. Also, due to the personalized nature of the tours we offer, it would be practically impossible to maintain a fleet of motorcycles around the globe. But if you are looking to rent a particular motorcycle for your journey, we will gladly take care of that need through a network of providers with whom we have special relationships, to offer the lowest prices and the safest, coolest machines for our customers. This also keeps the prices of our services very competitive due to the fact that we are not burdened with the expensive task of maintaining a worldwide fleet. 

Q: I am interested in speaking with you about my dream motorcycle adventure; what is the next step? 

A: We look forward to hearing about it. Please feel free to get in touch via phone or email provided on the "CONTACT US" page above, and we will promptly get back to you regarding how we can help make your dream adventure a reality. Lets do this!!!

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