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Here are some possible examples of the tours and consulting services we offer




          iacomo & Francesca, a busy husband and wife from Rome, wish to celebrate their anniversary by touring the California coast for one week on the new Indian Chief, while exploring family owned restaurants along the way with the aim of finding the best burger on the West Coast. They also wish to visit numerous wineries and have a romantic hot air balloon date over the Napa Valley. They request a limousine pickup form the airport, and wish to stay exclusively at family owned B&B’s with suites that have a Jacuzzi. Being both busy parents and professionals with a poor command of English, and never having visited California, they require help with organizing their dream trip, and they prefer to have a support rider follow instead of lead, so as to give them the freedom to make the trip truly their own. More importantly, they wish for the second rider to be their personal photographer because they understand the professional photographic documentation of their special motorcycle odyssey beats taking selfies, and besides, they want to focus on enjoying the road and not taking pictures. Also, for peace of mind, they like the fact that a safety backup is never too far away yet is practically invisible – like a phantom personal assistant tirelessly laboring in the background making sure their anniversary dream trip is perfect at every step of the way.     

Giacomo & Francesca contact Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting to do the route planning, limo pickup from LAX, motorcycle rental, assistance with booking of lodging, restaurants, winery tours, a hot-air balloon ride, to provide photo and safety support, and to help organize the very special surprise Giacomo has been planning for his wife at the most beautiful cliff on the famous Highway 1 at Big Sur, precisely at sunset, overlooking the pacific. The two are thus able to focus on actually living the amazing experiences rather than simply documenting or planning for them.

                 T hree business partners from Munich wish to do a two week adventure tour of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. They each want to rent three different bikes that will be ready for them the day after they land in Las Vegas. Their goal is to visit all the major National Parks and points of interest along the way, and one requirement is to ride at least 50% of their trip on dirt roads. They also wish to split their time between hotels and camping, and thus desire a guide to show them the most scenic roads and camping sites along the way. They like to ride hard, but a stop for a good beer at the end of the day is a must. They also don’t wish to fly with their own camping supplies, thus will be needing some high quality tents and sleeping bags for a good night’s rest, and a mess kit with a gas stove for coffee in the morning. They also like to keep their route options open, and not have any pressures of a tight schedule. In fact, they don’t even want to think about the route or timetable – for this reason they want to hire a guide. The only event they do wish to participate in is the world famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota – they have heard so much about it and this stop is a must!

Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting does all the legwork, taking advantage of strong relationships with numerous industry partners, and an intimate knowledge of the most scenic and exciting routes and points of interest, to provide a true odyssey that exceeds their expectations.

          T wo best friends from New York, Emma and Sarah, wish to ride their own bikes through Europe for 3 months. They are fairly new to motorcycling but absolutely love the feeling of the open road. They are used to their own setup, and so wish to ship their own motorcycles from the US, but have no idea where to start or what documentation they will need. The contact Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting requesting assistance in all matters of translating their idea of a dream trip into a safe and successful odyssey. We first help them understand the licensing, registrations, insurance, and visa requirements for Americans in Europe, ensuring all the necessary steps are taken in due time prior to departure. Then we research various transportation options and help organize the shipping of their two bikes, as well as their pickup in the arriving city. Considering the two wish to experience their odyssey without a guide, the daily trip suggestions including at least two options for routes, lodging, food and attractions has been meticulously composed by us, and made readily available to the ladies, so that all that is left for Emma and Sarah to do once reunited with their motorcycles is to turn the key and follow the sunny horizons. They can rest assured that exceptional experience and meticulous research has gone into making their epic dream trip a reality.  

          A  young Brazilian man, João, who is 6 months into his solo world tour needs to have a pit stop in Veracruz Mexico to change the oil and do other maintenance, and finally see a dentist for a tooth ache, before heading north toward Texas. Two months after that he plans on being in San Francisco for an old friend’s wedding. Prior to this, however, he would like to spend a few days in sunny San Diego to catch up on the much needed rest, as well as to get some new riding gear including touring gloves and boots to replace his old ones which are no longer waterproof. He also met a traveler who mentioned something about a really great biplane sightseeing flight over San Diego, and how the surfing is so great there. João is not carrying a surfboard or wetsuit, but really wants to try surfing. He is an independent rider, hardened by experience from thousands of miles on the road, but he decides to contact Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting to help him suggest ways to satisfy all of these requirements. The visa process for Brazilians coming into the US by land is also very confusing, and he is not sure what he needs to do regarding licensing, registration, and insurance for his motorcycle in order to ride legally in the US. Speaking only his native Portuguese makes thing much more challenging as well. He has little opportunity on the road to connect online and do the necessary research himself, and anyways, he just wants to ride; thus João solicits the experience and the global professional network of Pegasus Motorcycle Tours & Consulting to help with his personal odyssey.

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