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The Goodbyes

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

As my departure date closes near I want to take a moment to acknowledge all those who have supported me throughout my endeavors and who continue to lend their time and energy into making this project come to life. I could not do all of this on my own so it is thanks to my family and friends that I owe so much of this experience to.

First on the list is my family, my Mother Ksantipa who, even though she bears the name of the notoriously difficult woman known throughout centuries as much for her impossible nature as for her husband Socrates, she definitely doesn’t share in those traits. Mama, your food is amazing and it alone would be reason enough why I continue to choose not to live on my own and instead sleep in the living room of our one bedroom apartment. All the girls that I don’t bring home are no match for your Palacinke mom, I just want you to know that.

My sister Marija who lives in Italy and who I miss very dearly, with whom long ago I made a covenant that no matter where our lives eventually take us, when those days come, our kids will grow up together. I am looking forward, on my second part of The Pegasus Project in Europe to using that new road atlas you bough for me for my birthday with my own credit card which I don’t recall I shared with you previously but OK, its fine, it’s the thought that counts. You are brave to venture on your own in a distant place, and unfamiliar culture. I love you sis.

A big thanks to Peng without whom this project could not be at the level that it is. Thanks for sharing you audio/video genius, even though only with us, the lucky few. He is the one responsible for, among other things, our amazing website and for handling the majority of the communication and technical details. I continue to marvel at your photographic and videographic excellence and the ease at which you produce such great works while at the same time trying to hide my jealousy of your talents and for not being able to keep up during our leg and abb workouts. Thank you Friend; it's an honor to know you. Peng's work:

A big thanks to my climbing community of friends, too big to name individually for all the fun times throughout the years. Thanks to Don for spreading the knowledge and sharing the experiences, all which have been invaluable throughout our outdoor excursions and without which I would be as prepared as Bush Jr. before a speech. And thanks to MarryAnn for the home-baked bread, and for bringing humor to the Rock wall where we all gather. And many thanks for not dropping Don from the top again; we all appreciate that you continue to invest the extra time to double check your belay divide.

Thanks to all my friends I have met throughout the years that I will finally get to reconnect with along the way. Save some energy for me when I arrive, and also save a spot on your couch for my crashing. Thanks to the CouchSurfing community for enabling people everywhere to connect, travel, learn, and experience and for making the world a smaller place.

Thanks to all my future friends that I haven’t met yet, to the future supporters, and to all those not mentioned here involved with ThePegasusProject.

And thanks to who/what ever is responsible for another day of the glorious sun shinning.

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