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SoCal Dreamin'

Here is very easy way to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day; Drive along the coastal highway 1 that hugs one of the most beautiful stretches of coast for a few hundred miles of nonstop all-sensical pleasure. True, I did just come up with that word but until I find a better substitute for the experience that is the CA Highway 1 this will have to suffice.

And if you were of such good fortune to hit this pavement on two wheels one day, you would commence at the beautiful La Jolla beach in San Diego, following north slowly for hours, passing through scenes like the famous Orange County, home of one of my favorite representations of the western version of “the good life”. Continuing north you would pass through Newport and then Huntington beach where in fact I had a chance to reunite with a lovely Brazilian friend who has been there for a few months now studying as an exchange student. Her name is a name that I have loved from the very first day we met in Rio more than a year ago, the terrible day Brazil lost the world cup to Holland. In any case I fell in love with this girls name which I suppose would be appropriate for me to reveal now. Her name is Lua, with an accent on the “a”, an indigenous name given by her wonderful mother Sonali which I also had the pleasure to meet that sunny day in Huntington. It is very interesting I think how small the world actually is.

Then off to the City of Angels I went where more adventures awaited.

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