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Leaving Austin

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

So if you think riding a motorcycle thousands of miles for three months is lunacy, try and picture doing it on a bicycle. That is exactly what my friend Melissa and about 50 of her friends are doing this summer. They are riding their bikes from Austin to Alaska,

averaging about 80 miles a day, through any weather, all for the sake of raising money for cancer research. The event called the “Texas 4000” is fairly new and takes place once a year.

So being that both the “Texas 4000” and “The Pegasus Project” work with the Lance Armstrong “LIVE Strong” foundation towards the goal of one day eliminating cancer, we all congregated at the LIVE Strong headquarters in Austin before the group departed. There they donated $15,000, a sum I too hope to one day be able to donate.

So the Texas 4000 group was off on their 10 week journey and I too was packing my things. Lovely Natalie was kind enough to patch my shorts which were by now showing signs of the 4 week journey. She saw me off with song in her own special way and it was with a bag full of wonderful experiences and a big smile that I said goodbye to The German House, lovely Natalie, and awesome Austin Texas.

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