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Austin Part III

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Yes, Austin was that good that it requires at least three parts.

The following day the gang from the house and I participated in the famous Social Ride. This is an event that takes place once weekly during the summer, organized seemingly randomly by students usually, and consisting of hundreds of cyclists coming out at dusk and riding through the streets of Austin for a few hours. It’s great! Tons of people, joining the caravan from all sides, shutting down traffic yet still being polite enough to the other motorists not to attract negative attention. Some even have radios strapped to their bikes with music blasting during the pleasant ride. Every 40 minutes or so there is a scheduled stop where the crew stops to drink & dance.

One of our stops was the capital building where a bunch of ladies went crazy in the front yard dancing like mad. The fashion in Austin among the young female population seems to be defined by very short hair.

Anywho, we visited “The Lake” which actually is the Colorado river. There we swam and a few crazys jumped their bikes off of a ramp into the water. It was all good fun.

After the ride officially ended everyone congregated in the nightlife district of Austin. We spent our night in Barbarela, an awesome little bar that played older funk music, meaning Michael Jackson and Rick James, meaning a damn good time. Beer is cheap here and they have specials if you participate in the social ride which is open to all. Also Tuesdays are Tues-gays.

So the social ride takes place once a week with a different route each time so definitely find out the main info and as Ben Stiller in Starsky and Hutch says, “Do it”!

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