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Great weather welcomed me while continuing south to Atlanta where I had a chance to meet up with an old friend Vincent whom I haven’t seen since my exchange year in Germany. Vince is a cool guy and although we never really spent too much time together somehow we just clicked and that friendship was maintained and strengthened over the past few years. Call it chemistry if you will, sometimes two people just fit without much effort and fortunately I have been experiencing that sense of familiarity with many new people I keep meeting all through this trip.

Vince was kind enough to take me to lunch at this contemporary burger joint called Flips in Macon which I recommend.

I ended up CouchSurfing that night in Atlanta with a great guy, Chris, also a motorcycle enthusiast (he rides a Buell Firebolt) and he was kind enough to host me with very short notice. We swapped rides, went for coffee and toured Atlanta which is particularly interesting at night. Chris also helped me research the process of connecting The Pegasus Project with The American Cancer Society which is headquartered in Atlanta but would not see me for an interview. I am currently talking with ACS to see how our donations can be used for cancer research so please stay tuned for that. Interestingly enough the process is not as simple as one might imagine.

Chris left for work before I did and confided in me to lock up his gorgeous downtown apartment. In anticipation of a successful future partnership with ACS, Chris was even kind enough to be the first to make a very generous donation to The Pegasus Project. He left cash on the counter for me, which I could not get myself to actually take form his home - so he submitted the donation online via the website. Amazing guy.

A big thanks to my two Atlanta friends for their hospitality.

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