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To Bowling Green KY

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I surfed with lovely Emily in Bowling Green KY. She was an exceptional host and the pressure was on me to give her a positive hosting experience considering it was her first. I couldn’t have asked for more. I hope she feels the same.

I arrived later than expected, tired as usual but we had a nice dinner at a sushi restaurant which represented my first exposure to Japanese food. Sushi is definitely in my future. After that Emily gave me a tour of the university campus which is lovely by the way, and we even went to a bridge that is infamous among the locals; the story goes like this: A young girl some decades ago had a child out of wedlock, so she hung her self off of a small bridge that now supposedly is haunted by her spirit. So if you turn your car off while stopped on the bridge and put the vehicle in neutral, the ghost of the girl is said to start pushing it forward. So we had to try it but to no avail that night. Perhaps it is for the better. The last thing I need is sleepless nights.

My host and Scotty the dog were so great I ended up staying one more night. Thank you Emily, looking forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.

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